Good morning sweet sunshine

Finished a painting I’ve been working on for some time and it flew right out the door to the gallery and then flew out the gallery’s door to a happy home!  I feel very blessed to make art that people love!


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Spring Bada-bing!

Had a lovely time in Richmond doing one of my favorite shows, the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Spring Bada-Bing.  I love the City and the people are just as lovely.  My sweet friend Betsy of Betsy Browne Pottery shared my booth with her beautiful pottery pieces.  Here are some snapshots of the booth!


booth3 300x224 Spring Bada bing!

booth1 224x300 Spring Bada bing!
booth2 224x300 Spring Bada bing!
601868 560443057321515 390941618 n 300x219 Spring Bada bing!

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Working on the back porch

11688 10151554537444521 2066525460 n Working on the back porch
60587 10151554250544521 954726891 n Working on the back porch526580 10151554164884521 1631447565 n Working on the back porch

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Sea glass & a little helper

541580 10151548435554521 896312006 n Sea glass & a little helper28180 10151545684904521 1916769375 n Sea glass & a little helper

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Harker’s Island Studio

Took a trip to see my parents at Harker’s Island and they let me play in their glass studio!  Had lots of fun being able to draw pieces out that I had been thinking about making for some time.  I managed to get one piece finished and I had fun using beach glass that had washed up on the banks of the island that my mom found in the piece.  Pictures to come soon of the finished piece!525388 10151540207724521 1382698227 n Harkers Island Studio

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chevron suncatchers

8618579967 53abf5cf95 z1 chevron suncatchers

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Roosters are coming along…

208876 549359245096563 28386860 n 300x300 Roosters are coming along...8569111074 d4a6784ac9 o 300x300 Roosters are coming along...8572 10151527108189521 1666133600 n 300x300 Roosters are coming along...

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Stained Glass Panel

8576767361 d72a71f58a o 300x300 Stained Glass Panel8576608623 f393f4023f z 300x300 Stained Glass Panel27154 509142159149847 1055325005 n 224x300 Stained Glass Panel

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sunflowers 224x300 photo 69 300x224 558644 10150892922474521 790194520 9583635 2088998184 n 300x300 photo 48 224x300

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531317 10150776566959521 790194520 9440158 569391201 n 300x300 stillnessI’ve always made goals of things to accomplish before the end of the day.  Normally, this list of goals most of the time does get complete and are achievable.  Lately, my little list of things to accomplish has been thrown out the door because my time has been filled up with my little boy and dedicated snuggle time.

Days like today when it’s raining, gloomy and chilly outside make snuggle time a must.  I’ve really been enjoying this quiet time that just him and I share and know that it will only be here for a short time in our life.   So my plan has been to cut myself a break and really taking advantage of this time and really enjoying this little one.  From here on out days will pass and he will grow up so quickly that I will not be able to remember these times.  These little moments are too precious to forget and the quietness, solitude and letting yourself go in these moments of stillness is something that I am very thankful to have been blessed with.

All the things that need to get done will eventually find their way to completion but for now I think that I will dream, snuggle and enjoy this time that is now.  I encourage you to slow down, sit in solitude and take in the moment.


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